Meet The Founder
Hello everyone! My name is Tiffany and I am the founder and creator of Whip My Butta Organics. I was originally born and raised in Queens, NY and then moved to the capital region with my mother and grandmother for high school and college education. I have a degrees in Business Management, Cosmetology, Occupational Therapy and a certification in Manual Lymph Drainage. I have always had a business mindset throughout my whole life; doing pedicures & manicures for my neighbors, starting several small businesses and managing several businesses as well.
This business initially started with my children. They both had eczema as infants and extremely dry skin. I ended up spending so much money on "the right" product for their skin in hopes that would clear it up without added chemicals or ingredients that I had no idea what they were. One day, after much research and time, I decided to make my own organic and natural products. After a couple of days, their skin has cleared up indefinitely! In addition to that, being a hairdresser part time, I started to get many natural hair clients with interest in natural hair products that did not leave much build up and also without many chemicals. With my mentor and friend, Carmen Duncan, we began constructing a natural hair formula that provided many benefits and uses for a naturalista. After much experimenting and trial and error, we made Jania, a product off of Whip My Butta Organics. I then knew I wanted to start a skin care business because I became very aware of how many people do not understand how to take care of their skin, how important it is to have a skin routine and how to read product labels and understand what is in the products they are purchasing.
Thus, Whip My Butta Organics!
I always believe that your body is your personal working machine. For it to run well, you must feed it the proper nutrition and take care of it inside AND out. Through this business, I want to educate consumers and families about overall wellness and emphasize the importance of taking care of their themselves with proper skin care. Just remember, making a lifestyle change depends on you. Keep a positive mind and never be afraid of change! Thanks for your support!
Peace, Love & Wellness,

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