What is Shea Butter? What can it do for ME? What is it made of?

Have you ever wondered what is Shea Butter??  What is it made of? How will it help ME? What can it actually treat?

Well...let me tell you. 


The actual name for shea butter is Butyrospermum parkii and it is derived from the shea tree which is commonly found in the Western parts of Africa. Shea butter is extracted from the nut of the tree. It is tradition to have it harvested by women. To extract the shea butter, the nut is crushed then boiled to extract the shea butter. 


Shea butter alone is high in fatty acids, vitamin E, phytosterols, vitamin D, provitamin A and allantoin. And…. it is purely organic!!!! Shea butter is not only great for skin and hair but also has other great benefits such as:

-Being a great moisturizer

-Heals minor cuts & burns

-Heals muscle aches & pains

-Enhances physical endurance

-Stimulates production of collagen which makes the skin look stronger, healthier and younger

-Serves as an anti-oxidant

-Serves as an anti-inflammatory

-Aides in the regeneration of skin

-Helps repair fine lines, wrinkles and scars

In addition to these great benefits, our shea butter is known to treat the following:

-Insect bites, rashes, contact with poisonous plants

-Psoriasis, eczema, blemishes, dermatitis, skin cracks

-muscle fatigue, aches and tension

Which shea butter formula will you choose?

Formula O - unscented is 100% organic

Formula B - includes cocoa butter and relaxing essential oil

Formula O3 - includes mango butter and cocoa butter for additional moisture

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